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MA Illustration - major study project

Hi! My name is Zosia.

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer based in London.

Welcome to the site showcasing my illustration work!


Below you will find a gallery of projects completed between 2019 - 2022.

Scroll down & enjoy!

tennis court
tennis court
tennis court
Moment 1.png
Moment 2.png
Moment 3.png
Moment 4.png
Moment 5.png
Moment 7.png

Visual Haiku

This project was made as a part of MA in Illustration at University of Hertfordshire. The idea was inspired by the Japanese form of poetry - haiku - which focuses on the representation of the present moment.

This short animation divided into three parts is based on the responses from selected interviewees about the moment they were being interviewed. The questions concerned the sensations and emotions the respondents experienced in a brief time period. The replies were then interpreted and translated into visual language that guides the viewer through other person’s experience.

The objective of this project was to encourage viewers to stop and listen to their senses. I started working on this project researching meditation techniques as a response to general mental health struggles that many experienced during the pandemic.

Aubergines 1.png
Aubergines 2.png
Aubergines 3.png
Aubergines 4.png
Aubergines 5.png
Aubergines 7.png
20191120 dla Maryjki.jpg

Physical work: crayons, pastels and pencils

above: character design
for Toyota winter cards (initial propositions)

left: birthday card drawing

below left: three life drawings (under 20mins) made with crayons

below right:

IPad Pro x Procreate

drawings created for the law company during autumn 2021

13x18 _2.png

Poster designed for "Posterjam"
keyword: choice

101 getting up.gif

Frame by frame animation "Bump"
created entirely on IPad Pro x Procreate

too much.gif

Pattern Design for Khulla
(yoga products company from Poznan)

April 2021

P 01.png
wzór 02.png
P A2.png

The Golden Waterfall
acrylic paint, January 2021


Tennis Court 4
crayons, January 2021


Olmecas, Aztecas & Voladores de Papantla
digital media, May 2019

20190820 VoladorPapantla_RGB-01.png
20190820 Jungle_RGB-01.png
20190820 Olmecas_RGB-01.png

Cover design for Polish medical magazine "Wielkopolska Izba Lekarska"
"Santa Home Alone", December 2020

Mikołaj sam_w_domu.jpg

I was asked to design the cover which would relate
to Christmas for the magazine's December issue.
The goal I set myself was to capture in some way the general atmosphere of the pandemic with plenty of people stuck
at home not able to celebrate this special time of the year with their family and loved ones.

I decided to reference the movie "Home Alone" which is visible on TV, literally implicating that Santa is stuck at home on his own not able to give away presents because of the lockdown.

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