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Exercise 101: getting up


- referring to 'lump in the throat' - feeling of fear and anxiety

Depression, finding motivation, trying to be innovative, suffering from creative block, imposter syndrome, constant doubt and struggles with rejection – to name just a couple of feelings many creatives are constantly tackling.

Over the past couple of years, I have been capturing these difficult emotions and opening myself up to take inspiration from them.


How to survive

It wasn't a project and I didn't plan what to do with the work I produced. This practice, however, opened me up to take inspiration from vulnerable and difficult moments.


For me, drawing has always been a helpful tool to process emotions and cope with whatever I was going through at the moment.

Left inside

In the time of the pandemic, I deferred a year at my university in England, forced to go back to my country.

I started drawing a lot of frame-by-frame animations and simple black-and-white drawings. I’d just draw mindlessly shape after shape, frame after frame.

Quarantine - 2

Creative Block

I continue to explore. Even though in most of my work, I like to bring up humour, funny situations and absurdity, I think allowing myself to be vulnerable and draw inspiration from emotional and mental struggles is a big part of my practice.

Inner Scream

(To some I am...)  Just Tits

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