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ZoSia Bonkowska

Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Hello there,

my name is Zosia.

I'm a London based illustrator and designer passionate about visual communication and different ways of storytelling.

As an illustrator I am drawn to picture books and graphic novels. I'd like to publish one of my own. I make short animations, album cover designs, custom personalised drawings, commercial illustrations and ones used for packaging and merchandise products.

As a designer I make pictograms, icons, presentation layouts, social media posts and everything for print (like flyers, posters, catalogues). I work mostly digitally, but I like to experiment with different media and materials.


In my personal work I try to focus on visualising the variety of human's emotions and sensations which everyone experiences in a subjective and unique way. My main goal as a creative is to capture these feelings making my drawings relatable and personal.

I'm open for commissions!

Prints of my artworks available on demand.

Get in touch

+44 (0) 7513 630554     |

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