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Welcome to the page showcasing my logo designs, icons, pictograms, signage design for interior architecture communication, presentations, assets, graphics based on brand's identities and design for print.


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icons, icon set, signage design, pictograms, graphic design, interior communication
BMW dealership Szczecin Poland, Bonkowscy Szczecin, BMW MINI, Hangarowa Szczecin

Signage design for the doors inside the new BMW Bońkowscy’s building in Szczecin, Poland.

icons, pictograms, graphic design, signage design
m-logo angle.png

The slanted design of the icons was based on the angle from BMW M series making the form more dynamic which refers to the speed associated with the brand.

icon design


A construction company from Poland.

Billboard designs, icons, animated presentations, layouts and brochure showcasing their portfolio of work.

Billboard 01.png
Scalio _intro.gif

Portfolio brochure showcasing the company's projects, structure and history.

Toyota Bonkowscy Logo white.png

Toyota dealership from Poznan, Poland.

I am responsible for all things visual in the company. Graphics, icons, posters, documents, short animations for social media, presentations, signage design in all company buildings, mailing advertising and many more.

icon design, washing hands icons