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diversity & inclusivity
in children's literature

video presentation about underrepresented backgrounds in British publishing industry;

in conversation with Alice Curry from Lantana Publishing, 2020.


The project concerns lack of diversity and inclusivity in the publishing industry in the U.K. My task was to show how largely people of colour are underrepresented in children’s books.

illustration, zovska, zosia bonkowska, diversity, inclusion, publishingindustry, lantanapublishing
20200803 diversity-02.png

The presentation was made for the university module called Creative Economies that required the students to select the issue that concerns our field of study and to gather and present it in the form of the video essay.

We were asked to enforce our research by interviewing a person from the industry. In my presentation I speak to Alice Curry, CEO of Lantana Publishing, an independent publishing house specialising in inclusive children's books.

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