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Commercial Design.

Designing for TOYOTA Bońkowscy, Poznań, Poland - 2020.

My tasks include social media design (graphics and animation for the company's Facebook page), graphics and posters for external and internal communication, e-mail advertising or e-cards design (for example, Christmas cards or promotional posters), video editing and presentation design. I am responsible for creating the consistent visual language in all the graphics used in the company collaborating closely with the marketing department.

20200512 internal 72.jpg

01. Internal communication - corona awareness graphics.

02. Facebook post 'Safe Maintenance Services' - short animation explaining step by step how the services look like in the times of the pandemic.

20200512 graf_04 72.png
20200512 graf_01 72.png
20200512 graf_05 72.png

03. Internal communication (e-mail) - gif made for company's 17th anniversary.

The anniversary took place shortly after the release of the Facebook post 'Safe Maintenance Services' and so the 'disinfection' part of the animation was used as

a joke in the anniversary wishes.


04. Christmas Card 2019.

2019 was the year when TOYOTA released seven new car models. Throughout the year all of these models were strongly promoted and for that reason they were used in the design of the card.

20200512 christmascard 200.jpg

05. Facebook post.

20200512 fbpost 200.png

06. E-mail advertising.

MAILING wirtualnysalon.jpg
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